Our Commitment

At USA Financial Exchange, our three-tiered commitment
sets us apart: a commitment to the future of Investors,
Advisors, and Asset Managers.



To Investors

We understand that you have unique and changing financial needs and goals. USA Financial Exchange is committed to providing strategies with the right amount of choice, empowering you and your advisor to create solutions for each stage of your life.


To Advisors

We are committed to creating flexibility and choice that give an advisor access to goal-based strategies, a diverse array of strategies from established money management firms, and advisor-managed portfolio options.

To Asset Managers

We are committed to creating a synergistic lineup of asset managers that can create a complimentary offering in your portfolio. We have a thorough understanding of each investment management firm’s approach to both asset and risk management and thoroughly educate our advisors, so they can empower you, their client, on how best to pursue your financial goals.