At USA Financial Exchange, we believe investors deserve access to a variety of investment options on a platform that is easy to understand, offers flexibility of choice, and can adjust to their changing financial needs and goals.

Mission & Philosophy

USA Financial Exchange challenges the conventional, one-dimensional approach to investment diversification by creating a platform that allows for a comprehensive approach to combat the many risks that threaten the long-term success of your investment portfolio.


Empowered Investors and Advisors Choice andFlexibility Simplified Account and Fee Structure CompleteTransparency

Institutional Partners

At USA Financial Exchange, we believe everyone deserves access to a robust and diverse selection of investment options. Our investment management committee reviews the track record, history, compliance adherence, and specific strategy objectives of each of the asset managers on our platform.


We’ve created access to dozens of investment strategies from a curated group of investment management companies so that you and your advisor can create a custom portfolio unique to their needs and goals all within one account.

custom portfolios for your needs and goals… all within one account

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